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Flexibility and expressiveness 
for any needs and  location

The landscape of Hokkaido exhibits a variety of features all year round.

Capturing high quality scenes for various filming purposes requires professional gear, the ability to set up the necessary equipment correctly wherever you are, and the expressiveness to use the weather, lighting, and special effects to set the scene you desire.

We provide support for location shooting locations in Hokkaido with a wide range of tools, a wide range of technicians, experience, and expertise gained from working on numerous video productions in the past.

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A full operation system that can efficiently create film shooting locations

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lighting equipment

Film equipment

Power equipment

By combining all of the lighting, film, and power equipment required for location shooting,

we produce a satisfying to your wish shooting location—even in a challenging natural setting.

It corresponds to every shooting site



location shooting



studio shooting



event venue

For more than a quarter of a century we support all kinds of shooting sites such as movies, commercials, TV shows in Hokkaido:


[Amazon] "Amazon PRIME SUMMER" version / [HONDA] "HONDA CIVIC World Premiere" version / [Koikeya] PURE POTATO "Hokuhoku ga oikaketekuru" version / [Sapporo Beer] Sapporo Classic "Mugi Hen Natsu no soukai" version / [Nissin] Donbei "Sayonara Dongitsune" version / [Mitsubishi Estate] "Let's go next with Mitsubishi Estate" Sustainable version and others (partial excerpt)

Movies, TV shows

A Chorus of Angels / Kita no kuni kara / Silver Spoon / The Detective Is in the Bar / Poppoya / Wish You Were Here (Japan-China collaboration movie) /  Little Q (Hong Kong Film) and others (partial excerpt)


Nordic World Ski Championships Sapporo 2007 / 2017 Asian Winter Games - Figure skating / PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games - Ski jumping / Olympic Games Beijing 2022  - Ski jumping / Sapporo Yosakoi Soran Festival 2022 8-chome Stage and others (partial excerpt)

In no particular order, Honorifics omitted

We stock a wide variety of equipment


Hokkaido location shooting is MOVIEing WORK

We have a wide range of lighting equipment, film equipment, and power equipment necessary for the shooting site. From equipment maintenance to operational knowledge and technology, we will consider any project and respond as a team. MOVIEing WORK is excited for new projects so feel free to contact us.


Please feel free to contact us

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